Psychic Medium & Tarot Card Reader Lizzie Houlbrooke 
Lizzie Houlbrooke  has been working as a British Psychic Tarot Card Reader, Counsellor,  Hypnotherapist & Reiki Master in Cheshire for many years.
She loves working with Spirit and completing a link between their world and ours. 

Over the years her ability and reputation as a British Psychic has grown mostly by word of mouth and repeat business and her incredible empathy and ability to link in with other people's thoughts and feelings has naturally lead her down a path of Counselling Work and  Curative Hypnotherapy.
Lizzie has an interest in all things Spiritual and has a strong desire to help anyone in need, the two combine perfectly.  She often appears as a guest Medium with the Haunted Rossendale Team, helping trapped Spirit to cross-over to the other side, whilst creating a safe environment for the Team to work in.
Lizzie conducts her readings via ZOOM these days along with many counselling sessions as she is often out of the country. When at home though she works from her therapy room on Anglesey where she offers Private Counselling Sessions, Reiki Healing Sessions and Curative Hypnotherapy.

Since introducing readings and counselling sessions on ZOOM Lizzie's Client base has grown nationally & internationally and she often works with wives & girlfriends of H.M.Forces (Army, Navy and Air Force), passing on messages and guidance for the future and offering counselling during times of need.

Lizzie has also been extremely successful in writing and running Psychic Awareness and Development Courses and regularly writes articles for various magazines.  

When she is not busy working Lizzie relaxes by painting Faerie Art and Writing.  

She is currently working on her forthcoming novel set in Avebury, England, where magical, mystical power is discovered amidst the ancient stone circle.